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How to Enable IDM in Google Chrome



Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a shareware download manager and accelerator tool which can boost your downloading speed beyond certain limits, resume and schedule downloads. Basically, IDM is enabled in Firefox by default after installation. However do you want to enable IDM in Chrome also? Its just a few steps away. Follow these simple instructions:-

Step 1:- Open Internet Download Manager.

Step 2:- Go to “Downloads” and click “Options”.

Step 3:- Under “General”, select enable “Use advanced browser integration”.

Step 4:- Reboot your system if prompted.

Step 5:- After restart, follow step 2 and enable “Detect new applications that try to download files from the internet”. Click “Ok”.

Step 6:- Open Chrome and buffer any video.

Step 7:- Click “Download this video” with IDM.

You can follow this procedure for IDM to integrate with any new browser like Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

Note:- If the above instructions don’t work, you may try reinstalling IDM.

Written by vgupdates

February 21st, 2012 at 8:55 pm

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